An interactive, photographic art installation

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The Concept

The Foto Fuego Photo Kiosk is a dynamic, interactive photographic art installation designed to inspire on-the-spot creativity and enhance the overall experience of event-goers by offering them an opportunity to co-create special moments with old and new friends alike. The kiosk instigates spontaneous fun and captures the spirit of the event for each participant on printed sets of photographs. The kiosk requires no agenda, and what happens is up to the creative people that discover it. Ultimately, and in alliance with the mission of the event, it is a space for people to play. It’s more than a photo booth, it’s Foto Fuego.

The Kiosk

The Foto Fuego kiosk is a beautiful and mysterious monolith of stained oak. It stands eight feet tall with a footprint of two by two feet. Internal LEDs illuminate the front of its otherwise minimalist exterior, also lit with low-wattage LED floodlamps. If it is installed in a higher-traffic area, it will draw more attention and participation from event-goers. In a lower-traffic area, it lends itself to a bit more curiosity.


The kiosk has no explicit instructions, so participants are often unsure what they’ve discovered. A large illuminated red button begs them to find out. Once they press it, a brief countdown ensues. A series of photographs are taken, and a printed photo strip is dropped into an illuminated portal on the side of the kiosk. The entire process takes less than one minute. Dual flash units ensure adequate lighting both day and night. There is no charge to the participants to use the kiosk.


The kiosk was designed with branding being a high priority. The event logo and imagery are included on the the printed photo strip. In addition, a numeric code allows participants to easily retrieve their photos via text message and print additional copies. If an internet connection is available, the photos are immediately uploaded to both the Foto Fuego web site and Facebook allowing participants to easily tag themselves and share the images. This has the benefit of keeping the buzz going long after event-goers have returned home. And speaking of home, the branded photo prints are sure to end up on many a refrigerator, cork board, or perhaps framed. As such, Foto Fuego is an excellent promotional vehicle for future events.


Are you ready to Fuego? If you have any questions or are ready to book the kiosk, please get in touch with us today! References are available upon request.